Stay safe Online Dating Tips

Staying Safe Whilst On Your Date

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Most online daters you meet will be perfectly nice people looking for the same thing that you are. However, it is essential that you keep yourself safe.  Follow these tips:

  • Create a separate, free email address for your dating life.
  • If you are using a head or face shot as your profile pic use one that doesn’t appear elsewhere on the internet such as on Facebook. This is because anyone can put an image into Google, or any other search engine, and trace you that way.
  • It is very common to exchange texts and phone calls before the actual meet- up. There are no guarantees in life but you can get a hunch on whether your date is safe or not by how they conduct themselves. Any doubts, do not meet up.
  • Have a ‘safe’ person who knows where you’re going and who you are meeting.  Make sure that they are at the other end of a phone if needs be.

  • Always have your mobile phone with you and keep it switched on.
  • Do not meet anywhere secluded.  Meet in a public place such as a cafe or hotel bar or foyer.
  • Do not get into a car with your date.  Make your own way to the rendezvous point, either in your own car, or by taxi, on foot or by public transport.
  • Never give money to a date or leave valuables unattended.

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  • Boundaries are important. It’s your body, your life. Don’t agree to do anything you do not feel comfortable about or that has not been agreed on beforehand.
  • Good communication is key. State what you are happy with and what you are not prepared to do – in advance.
  • Use protection. Condoms can reduce the risk of contracting or passing on a sexually transmitted disease. Remember, though, you can still get certain STDs, like herpes or HPV from contact with your partner’s skin even when using a condom.
  • Regular testing for STDs is crucial. After testing, always get a copy of your test results then you’ll be clear about your status.
    Used sensibly casual dating is fun and can add a real sense of excitement to your life.


Happy dating!