Sexy Easter Dating


Spring has sprung! The sap is rising and your libido has suddenly sky-rocketed.
This is the perfect time to indulge in some sexy no strings dating.

Ladies, take some inspiration from the Easter bunny for your date. Why not try Role Play, dress up in one of the many sexy bunny costumes you can find these days?  You’re going to look extra cute in those bunny ears. Is it any wonder that  Hugh Hefner chose a bunny theme for his gorgeous Playboy girls? Bobtails and bunny ears worn with a sexy basque are always a winning combination.

And talking of rabbits introduce a little adventure into the bedroom with a Rampant Rabbit. There is a host of uses for this little wonder. (Someone’s even written a book about it!)
Guys, stimulate your partner’s breasts with the rabbit. Some women can come just by having their breasts played with. Or use it on her nipples whilst you are inside her. Ladies, you can use the shaft of the rabbit’s ears on the underside of his penis whilst you kiss him passionately.  An Easter ‘egg’ makes a great dating present. Buy your partner a love egg.  You could even hide it inside a large chocolate egg to give your partner a sweet surprise. These vibrating love eggs are worn in everyday life, making sure that your partner is thinking about you in the run up to your date.

Or you can use them on your date. Remote control love eggs offer a range of speeds and patterns. Just apply some lubricant, slip the vibrating egg in, and decide whether you or your partner gets to control the remote. Sex Toys can bring excitement to any Casual sexual encounter for both him and her.

Happy Easter!